Circular Tejido Album

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  1. Rio Contento 04:55
  2. Simple Reflejo 06:00
  3. Circular Tejido 07:49
  4. Montañita 09:03

released February 1, 2011. All songs composed and produced by Lulacruza

Recording: Luis Maurette (Nomad Plants), Juan Stewart (Estudio El Arbol – Bs.As., Argentina), Manu Schaller (Oidos Contentos – Bs.As., Argentina), The Norman Conquest (Heptagon Suite – Oakland, USA)

Mix: Alex Venguer (Beverly Road Studios – New York City, USA)

Mastering: Felipe López (Onda Selecta – Bogotá, Colombia)

Art: Paula Duró | Design: Mauro Balzarotti |

Alejandra Ortiz – Voice, Four, Synthesizers
Luis Maurette – Electronics, Percussion, Charango, Synthesizers, Voices, Field recordings

Marië Abe – Accordion (1)
Emo Suarez – Dundun, Kenkeni, Sangban, Ñañamas (1.3)
Evan Fraser – Lefty, Marímbula (3)
Claudia Beads – Flutes (3)
Manu Schaller – Theremin (3)
Ramiro Flores – Saxophone, Clarinet (3,4)
Soema Montenegro – Voice (3,4)

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