Esperando el Tsunami – Visual Album

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  1. Invocación (feat Aterciopelados) 03:25
  2. Pensar Bonito (feat Teto Ocampo, Jimena Angel, Manuela Ocampo) 04:42
  3. Una Sola (feat Anne Swing) 04:08
  4. Lagunita 05:38
  5. Vuelvo a la Orilla (feat Agusá & Original) 05:00
  6. El Agua Abarca 04:35
  7. Montañita (Cuama & Rocio Medina) 04:15
  8. El Centro (feat Frente Cumbiero) 03:43
  9. Sheltered Me 07:08


Between March and May 2011, Lulacruza and Vincent Moon traveled through Colombia, improvising with the water, the wind and the land.

These videos and audio were recorded with live sound, documenting the music born from these musical encounters.

released March 2, 2015

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